• DOS Navigation Tricks

    CHDIR or (CD)
    Displays the name of the current 'directory or changes the current directory.".." move one directory up. "\" changes to the root.

    Copies one or more files to the location you specify.

    Deletes the files you specify. /P Prompt

    DELTREE (Be careful with this command!!!!!)
    Deletes a directory and all the files and sub directories that are in it.

    Displays a list of the files and subdirectories that are in the directory you
    /W = Wide   /P = Pause
     /A D = Directories only /A -D = Without directories 

     /O N  by name ,Alphabetically
     /O D  By date earliest first
     /O S  By size Smallest first

    MKDIR or (MD)
    Creates a directory.
    You can use the MKDIR or MD command to create a multilevel directory RMDIR or

    Deletes (removes) a directory.
    Before you can delete a directory, you must delete its files and subdirectories. The directory must be empty except for the "." and ".." symbols.

    Copies directories, their subdirectories, and files (except hidden and system files). With this command, you can copy all the files in a directory, including the files in the subdirectories of that directory.