Foundation HD Rigging Controller

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Foundation Rigging Controller

Fixed- and variable-speed control of Prodigy hoists

The powerful Foundation® HD controller allows you to easily create and run preprogrammed shows at the touch of a button. For multipurpose stages, presets can be used to create and restore specific stage configurations for recurring events, like movie nights, speeches, or band rehearsals. Stage technicians used to working with other controllers -- such as lighting consoles -- will find Foundation's user interface familiar and accessible. 

The Foundation rigging controller is the user interface behind any ETC Prodigy® variable-speed or hybrid (fixed-speed and variable-speed) rigging system. It controls up to 48, 96 or 192 fixed- and variable-speed motors, while ensuring maximum safety and providing continuous system diagnostics. Foundation controllers are intelligent operating stations that trigger the intricate 'ballet' of the battens: motors moving concurrently up and down; manual operation and individual- or multiple-batten movements; target moves that take the battens to specified trim positions; presets that recall target positions for one or multiple motors; 'cue stacks' that run a preprogrammed show; time- or speed-based cues that allow for individual motor parameters and ramp times.  

Each Foundation controller logs the use of the entire hoisting system and the behaviors of each motor, while also providing diagnostics on itself and the entire hoisting system. If a fault occurs, the motors communicate the type and location of the fault via the Foundation controller's 18" LCD screen. Foundation also tracks the system's annual inspection schedule, and records the usage of each motor (moving distance, peak loads and fault conditions since installation and last inspection). The built-in inspection and commissioning software package automatically produces an inspection report in pdf format.

Foundation Remote Station

Foundation Remote StationLooking for a smaller rigging controller that your back-stage staff can use with ease? The Foundation Remote Station is ideal for setting up, storing, and playback of preset states of hoists and other stage machinery.  As an accessory for your Foundation controller, your entire system is protected by multiple user login levels so students, staff, and building managers can each have their own level of control. 

Don’t want your controller sitting around when public events are happening? This device is small enough to be tucked away in a cabinet or drawer until it is needed again. All mounted stations have the option of a locking cover to maximize security.

Control flexibility

Foundation Handheld Remote 2 Product

The Foundation Handheld Remote 2 gives you the flexibility to control your foundation system from a distance. Use as a client to your existing Foundation HD system or your Foundation Desk to manually move hoists, program and playback presets, and playback cues. Learn more →

Product Features

  • Controls up to 48 or 96 variable- and fixed-speed motors
  • Foundation server configurations with up to 192 axis and SIL-3 safety features
  • High-resolution, full-color, multi-touch screen
  • Proximity and ambient light sensor automatically controls LCD backlight to keep light pollution on stage to a minimum
  • Status, position and load readout on screen
  • Lockable user-control area with illuminated controls
  • Proportional joystick for precise variable-speed control
  • 'Go' button for movement execution
  • Quiet, maintenance-free operation
  • Optional external emergency-stop (E-Stop) stations
  • Optional remote control
  • Optional 'Remote Cue Enable' button: A spotter can enable a cue for execution
  • Optional Foundation Handheld Remote
  • Motor load-profiling: Stops movement at unexpected load conditions
  • Automatic self-tests of all safety circuits
  • Motor-usage data statistics and service-interval reminders
  • Multiple languages (including English, Spanish, French and Russian)
  • Metric or imperial data display
  • Conforms to CE directives and standards