E-Gate Pro

E-Gate Pro

Increasingly, data communication in today's lighting technology is based on the Ethernet standard. However, most older equipment and virtually all end devices continue to have DMX512 interfaces. The E-Gate family from Transtechnik allows such equipment to be incorporated seamlessly into an Ethernet infrastructure and still be used in the same way as before. Compared with traditional Ethernet converters, the E-Gate pro, plus and max offer considerably enhanced performance. The variety of ways of combining the input signals is virtually unlimited; the data from up to five signal sources (DMX, Ethernet and analog) can be used as DMX output values or as filter criteria.

The current software version is v3.2.0

Product Features

  • Multifunctional gateway for exchanging data between DMX512 and Ethernet,
  • One bidirectional Ethernet port, 2 DMX512 inputs, and 4 buffered DMX512 outputs
  • Multiple merger, protocol converter and data filter in a single device
  • 12 analog inputs, 0 through 10 V
  • 6 digital switching inputs
  • Simple graphical operation via PC software
  • Interface for connecting conventional DMX90/FDX90 dimmer systems