• "Go" Anywhere.

    Never miss an entrance. With CueSystem’s plug-and-play network of cue light outstations and controllers, backstage communication is at your fingertips.

    CueSystem outstations connect using a standard, power-over-Ethernet network, making it easy to reconfigure or scale for changing production needs. Build a simple, hands-on system with a control desk and a few outstations, or – for complex shows – add extra CueSpiders and Desks and run preprogrammed cue stacks from CueSystem’s downloadable PC application or optional Playback Unit.

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  • CueSpiders

    Place these outstations wherever you need backstage or front-of-house communication.
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  • Desks

    Directly control multiple CueSpider outstations from a single desk or rack-mount panel.
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    CueSystem Desks
  • Playback Units

    Use this dedicated hardware to play back your prerecorded cue list.

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    CueSystem Playback Units
  • Software

    Configure your CueSystem network, curate and play back your cue lists and monitor your system with ease. Learn more → 

    CueSystem Software