Ion Xe RPU

Ion Xe Remote Processor Unit

A powerful primary/backup for your Ion Xe system

Whether you need a convenient control hub backstage or in the house, or security for your long-running show, the Ion® Xe Remote Processor Unit has everything under control. This 2U 19" rack mount device can serve as a backup for your Ion Xe or Ion Xe 20 lighting control system, or it can function as a stand-alone lighting playback controller.

The RPU offers 2,048 or 12,288 outputs, partitioned control, and access to all Eos software programming functions. The front panel the RPU features 20 user-programmable buttons and ships with backlit labels for frequently-used and default-programmed functions. The face panel also boasts LED indicators that show whether the RPU is in Primary, Backup, Client, or Master mode, and whether all RPUs in a system are synchronized and tracking.

Build your system

The Ion Xe RPU is compatible with all Eos family focus remotes. It can be used with up to two single- or multi-touch monitors and up to five USB devices - including Eos Fader Wings, Eos Motorized Fader Wings, and the Eos Programming Wing.