Element 2

  • ETCPad          

    This industrial-grade tablet is built to withstand the wear and tear of production, and serves as a wired or wireless focus remote for your lighting system.

    iRFR/aRFR remote apps

    These iOS and Android apps provide a focus remote interface for all Eos family consoles – right on your smartphone or tablet.

    ETCnomad/ETCnomad Puck

    In addition to functioning as portable control and programming systems and networked designer remote stations, ETCnomad™ and ETCnomad Puck™ controllers can serve as fully-synchronized backups for Element 2 consoles.

      DMX Gateways    
    DMX Gateways

    These wall-mount or portable devices help you build a reliable streaming ACN lighting network, using bidirectional Ethernet communication between network devices to send or receive DMX512 and RDM data.