• What is it?

    Augment3d is a 3D programing environment that will be part of Eos v3.0 software. It combines the power of previsualization, live interaction, and augmented reality to allow Eos users to program from a new perspective. Augment3d is pronounced like augmented.

    When do I get it?

    Augment3d is now available in beta! Please visit the forums to register and download.

    Where does it live?

    Augment3d can be installed on any Eos family consoles that have a DisplayPort on the back and are running Windows 7 or newer. Alternatively, Augment3d can be installed on a separate Mac or PC and connected to a console network.

    How much does it cost?

    Augment3d is provided as part of the free Eos v3.0 software, and will be available with all new shipping consoles.

    What existing 3D models can be imported?

    Augment3d supports most major 3D files such as .3DS, .DXF, .OBJ, .FBX and many others.

    Are conventional fixtures supported?

    Yes, but to a lesser degree than automated fixtures. More enhancements are planned, of course!

    Once I import objects into Augment3d, what can I do with them?

    Augment3d supports the standard options for 3D positon, rotation and scale. This allows you to position and resize your objects and use them however you’d like.

    How are fixtures added to Augment3d?

    All fixtures inside of the Eos patch engine now have fields for X, Y, Z position and rotation. Once you set any of these properties, fixtures are automatically added to Augment3d.

    Augment3d - adding fixtures

    What automated fixtures are supported in Augment3d?

    All automated fixtures will work, but we are starting with 60 of the most common fixtures with calibrated profiles. Fixtures that do not have calibrated profiles can still use a generic Augment3d profile. We will continue to add fixtures profiles over time. Calibrated fixtures can be requested at

    How does Fixture Position Estimation (FPE) work?

    FPE allows you to automatically calculate the positions of your fixtures and represent them in Augment3d. To do this, you focus all of your fixtures to four reference points in your space. These points are arbitrary, but selecting points that are further apart will lead to better accuracy. Record four Focus Palettes for your fixtures at these points. Within the Augment3d model, place these reference points. You can now run the calculation engine and Augment3d automatically determines where the fixtures are.

    How do I turn on fixtures in Augment3d?

    Augment3d natively integrates into Eos- just turn on the fixtures in Eos and Augment3d will visualize them. You can visualize most Intensity, Focus, Color, and Beam parameters in Augment3d.

    Does Augment3d support Blind Preview?

    Yes! Augment3d follows the status of the console it’s attached to. If the console is in Live then Augment3d will represent the Live data. When the console switches to Blind, Augment3d will follow suit and display Blind data. This allows you to see you Blind data in the Augment3d space.

    What is Focus Wand?

    Focus Wand is a feature of Augment3d that uses augmented reality on a mobile device to interact with your fixtures. Focus wand is a new component of the iRFR/aRFR app and will be a free upgrade for existing iRFR/aRFR users.

    What can I do with Focus Wand?

    Focus Wand allows you to see and select fixtures through your device’s camera. Once selected there are gestures for intensity control (one finger top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top swipe) and zoom (two finger pinch or pull). You can also use Focus Wand like a laser pointer to focus one or multiple automated fixtures — or use the Find Me function and the light will focus to the mobile device.

    What type of device do I need to use Augment3d’s Focus Wand feature?

    In order to take advantage of the augmented reality features, there are some minimum hardware requirements:

    iOS devices running 11.3 or above:
    iPhone SE and above, iPad Pro, iPad 5th gen, and above

    Android Devices:

    I have an idea about a feature for Augment3d! Where should I send it?

    We love good ideas! Please don’t hesitate to email us at