Eos Fader Wings

  • Playbacks on demand

    The compact Eos Fader Wings offer flexible playback options for your Eos family console - at an economical price.
    Connect up to three USB-connectable wings to your Eos family console, Remote Processor Unit (RPU), or Remote Video Unit (RVI) for hands-on control wherever you need it most.
    Eos Fader Wings feature 20 or 40 pageable playbacks (up to 100 pages), with built-in displays to show button and fader configuration.


    Eos Fader Wings are compatible with:

    Eos Fader Wings are not compatible with Element or any Windows XP devices. Wings require Eos software v2.6.1 or higher to operate.

    Spread your wings

    Looking for more dynamic playback control? Check out the Eos Motorized Fader Wings for all your live-busking needs.
  • Cobalt Motor Wing narrow

    Cobalt Motor Wing wide