Eos Focus Remotes

  • Augment3d Focus Wand

    Control your Eos console from your iOS device

  • ETC's iRFR mobile app offers up-to-date, touchscreen-based remote control for your Eos console, designed for use over a closed wireless network.

    The app accesses most live mode commands available on a desk. The app also takes advantage of augmented-reality technology to turn your device into an interactive “Focus Wand.” After scanning an AR target placed in your space, you’ll be able to view and to select your lights using the camera on your phone, swipe up or down to control intensity, pinch for zoom, and point your beams with the “find me” function or by using your phone as a pointer.


    The iRFR works with all Eos® family consoles, Eos and Ion® Remote Processor Units, and the Eos ETCnomad and ETCnomad Puck® software.

    Use of the app requires Eos family software v2.6 or higher and iOS 8.0 or later. Focus Wand functions require Eos family software v3.0 or higher. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

    The app can be purchased from the iTunes store. All proceeds go to either Behind the Scenes (a US-based charity) or Backup (a UK-based charity), both of which support production personnel in times of need. You can direct the proceeds of your purchase by selecting either the iRFR – BTS or the iRFR – LR.

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    Note: If you purchased the old version of the app (prior to July, 2017), you can update to the revised software simply by updating your iRFR application. If you prefer the original functionality, you can now download the iRFR Classic at no charge. It should be noted that only the iRFR Classic is compatible with Cobalt software.

    With the iRFR you can:
    • Select channels and set parameter data
    • Playback and edit cues
    • Park channels
    • Conduct dimmer and channel checks
    • Patch conventional fixtures
    • Manipulate Color, Pan/Tilt and other parameters using dedicated graphical controllers
    • View a Cue List Display (monitor only), with current cue, several previous and pending cues displayed
    • View and interact with a Playback display; controls include Go, Stop/Back and Go to Cue
    • Access Direct Select Controls
    • Utilize augmented-reality Focus Wand features
    With the iRFR Preview (a free download) you can:
    • View cue progression and remaining duration
    • Take notes and distribute them via email

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