Station Power Modules

Station Power Modules

Control stations give your users the power to affect their lighting. The Paradigm Station Power Module (P-SPM-E) gives your Paradigm and Unison Heritage stations power. 

The P-SPM-E provides the power and data for up to 63 stations, using industry-standard two-wire cabling to simplify wiring.

Paradigm Touchscreens and many interface stations require more power, and the Paradigm Station Power Module takes care of that, too. Simply adding low-voltage power conductors supplies 24VDC to all your stations.

Add control anywhere in your system. 

Each Paradigm Station Power Module supports a total of 1,640 feet in any combination of wire runs from one processor. When you need to cover more distance, you can add a Paradigm Repeater or Dual Repeater to your system. The Repeater adds another 1,640 feet (500 meters) of additional wire length. The Dual Repeater allows an additional two 1640-foot (500-meter) wire runs. Wall-mount and 19-inch equipment rack-mount versions of the Repeater and Dual Repeater Power Modules are available.