Window/Door Contact Switch

Window/Door Contact Switch

Monitoring entry doors to aid in passive occupancy detection and patio doors for HVAC set back or standbye.

Powered by a solar cell , the MC-21 is a magnet contact switch. This device can be used to transmit window or door status wirelessly with no batteries. Rolling back temperature set points based on the window/door status or activating a lighting load when someone enters a room are just a couple of examples of the applications for this versatile device.

With the simplicity of 'peel and stick' installation, providing elementary control to an office, hotel room or condominuim is quick and easy while eliminating any disruption for the occupants.

The MC-21 magnet contact switch is a primary component in Echoflex's Smart Space solutions that achieve significant energy saving and transform facilities into sustainable buildings.

Product Features

  • MC-21 - Available in 902, 868 MHz
  • Transmit window or door
  • Significant energy saving
  • Magnet contact switch
  • Powered by a solar cell