PhaseAdept Dimming Module

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    The PhaseAdept dimming module from ETC provides high-quality line dimming for LED fixtures and lamps. It is compatible with any vintage of ETC Sensor or Unison DR- and DRd-series power enclosure shipping from the factory or already in the field, regardless of what processor you’re using. The flexible functionality of the PhaseAdept module gives venues the ability to update their fixtures without having to update their dimming and control infrastructure. 

    IES 2019 Selection
    The Illuminating Engineering Society has selected the PhaseAdept Dimming Module to be a part of its 2019 Progress Report, recognizing it as a “unique and significant advancement.”

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    With the PhaseAdept dimmer, ETC’s legendary dimming quality is paired with a feature-set modern systems need. PhaseAdept produces smooth, continuous control no matter the fixture type, features forward- and reverse-phase dimming options, and has multiple dimming-curve settings. Configuration of the dimmer module can be done remotely in enclosures with CEM3 and CEM+, and DRd dimming engines; with manual configuration available directly at the dimmer module for legacy systems. 

    Download the PhaseAdept Dimming Module Datasheet.   


                                         PhaseAdept with Unison dimming                    PhaseAdept with Sensor dimming