Face Shields

  • ETC’s Face Shields provide front and side face protection from flying respiratory droplets that can transmit infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

    Face Shields are available in lots of 8 at a cost of $40 for the lot.    

    Based on a design by Delve, ETC Face Shields are made from plastic, polyurethane foam padding, and an elastic band. Latex and latex free elastic bands are available. While these shields meet guidelines and best practices for PPE, they are not FDA-approved and are delivered unsterilized.

    To order by credit card, please go to our online shop.

    If you are tax exempt or wish to order with a purchase order, please fill out the form below. 

    At this time we are unable to ship internationally.

    Dividing Line

  • Face Shield Request Form

    Please fill out the form as completely as you can, and an ETC employee will respond to you shortly. In this time of crisis, priority will be given to institutions and facilities directly dealing with those infected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Shipping distance will also play a role in order fulfillment. In order to rush as many of these to the field as quickly as possible, we will prioritize orders with minimal shipping time and distance. Thank you for your understanding and consideration.  

  • Face Shield Drawing