• Wire and Use CEM Panic? 

    CEM Panic is a contact closure which is wired to the CEM backplane in a Sensor rack.  When the contact is closed, all dimmers which have been recorded into the Panic look are brought to full.  Note that in multi-rack systems, the Panic switch is wired to the J2 connector in one and only one rack in the system (typically rack #1). Panic state is sent to all other racks via the ETCLink network. 

    When Panic is active, 12Vdc is also sent out (Panic Out).  This is used to light an LED or lamp to indicate the Panic state.

    Within the Sensor Configuration Editor, dimmers can be included in Panic.  When Panic is activated, the selected dimmers go to full.  In addition, Panic can be recorded in CEM 3.1 and higher code from within the Backup menu by bringing desired dimmers to 99% or higher.

    Although Panic stations are available from ETC, they simply provide a contact closure to activate Panic in the system. The closure can be either momentary or maintained.  Outside devices, such as a fire alarm which provides a closure when it is active, can be used to activate Panic as well.