• Updating an MTPC and TPC-RIO to MD 2.0 Firmware

    Tools Required:

    • POE Network Switch

    • SD card Reader

    When updating an MTPC and TPC-RIO controller from 1.X to 2.X firmware you’ll need to follow these steps.

    Disconnect the MTPC from the TPC-RIO’s POE port. Plug both devices into the separate network ports on the POE switch.

    Eject the SD card from MTPC and place into the card reader. Backup any project files, then format the drive. Format to FAT32.

    Place the SD card back into the MTPC.

    Open the firmware upgrade utility. Select “MTPC” and click “Update”.

    firmware upgrade utility

    Once the firmware has successfully loaded to the MTPC, it will appear in the V2.X section. Next, you’ll need to upgrade the TPC-RIO. As with the MTPC, select the RIO and click update.

    The RIO will now appear in the V2.X and will be listed as “EXT”. The current firmware for TPC-RIOs is v2.0.1.

    firmware upgrade utility