• Unison Control Module/Light Manager Release Notes v1.8 Software-Public 

    Unison Light Manager 1.8 Detail Letter
    Part number: 7081L1050 Rev A

    Improvements, updates and known bugs in Light Manager 1.8.

    New Features in version 1.8:
    --Spreadsheet Import/Export added
    --Add error reporting to configuration Import and Export
    --Add Import/Export items to File menu
    --Processors auto-configure themselves to be processor 1- Turned off Timed Events in Live control
    --Message for active Macros
    --Change default DMX Mode to Pile On
    --Progress bar while initiating Live Control
    --Macro Toggle Box show current
    --Network Macro Sync
    --Play all timed events when time is set
    --In Live Control, disable the ability to view stations in Light Manager
    --Add Non-recordable OFF

    Bug fixes in 1.8
    --Serial Live Control
    --Time Sync
    --DMX Start track
    --Room Wizard overwrite error
    --LCD back light saved with configuration
    --Button Fader legend update
    --Delete "temp" files on boot
    --Remove "UPDATE SOFTWARE"
    --Snapshot removed from EAC.bin code
    --Cursor flicker
    --Level Empty dialog
    --Custom Day Type character limit extended
    --Active Preset in Live Control
    --Status bar should show Room
    --Blank LCD time out
    --Button Function wrong room
    --Include Default Day types
    --Macro Direct On/Off button
    --Presets with 0 timing do not play
    --Zone Select gives P80 error
    --Assign Macro function still has copy button
    --Running Macros keep Presets from being broadcast
    --Cannot remove Timed Events if Preset is deleted
    --Lock levels do not track templates changes
    --Except for Preset Fades check box
    --Zone Group Toggle same room
    --Macro run time
    --EDMX Off crashes dimmer dialog

    Known issues in version 1.8:

    • LCD back light settings must be restored
    • Local DMX Input check box broken
    • Timed Events plays last event only at boot
    • Timed Events from previous day are not referenced
    • DMX Input Macros cannot be deleted
    • The keypad interface, under the File menu, disappears when there is more than one processor enabled in the system

    CSV Import
    Illegal characters that Microsoft Excel recognizes as dates:- / , (dash, forward slash and comma)
    Other illegal characters:. \ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) { } [ ] < >
    Problems sometime arise when importing CSV files from spreadsheets. Some spreadsheets will truncate unused commas in order to save on file size. if you have several zones that do not have any Preset values, the spreadsheets may truncate these commas. This will cause an error on Import to Light Manager. The error will look similar to the following screen.

    You can see the truncation between zones 8 and 9, and continuing through the remainder of the file. The following is a Microsoft explanation:

    In Microsoft Excel, if you save a file in the test or the CSV (comma separated value) format, Microsoft Excel places tabs or commas between each columnof the worksheet. However, certain text files may be saved with a different number of tabs or commas in 16-row blocks.

    This behavior occurs only if the cells in the last column contain no information.

    To ensure that Microsoft Excel saves tabs or comma delimiters for all empty columns, verify that the last column in the file contains some data in at leastevery 16 rows throughout the file. If the blocks of rows do not contain data, add spaces or other characters in every 16 rows to the cells in the last column,or reorder the columns in the worksheet so that the last column on the worksheet always contains information.

    This problem can be solved by adding a dummy Preset at the end of the CSV file and then fill the column with zeros. This will force the spreadsheet to fill out the commas. Once the CSV file is imported into Light Manager, the dummy Preset can be deleted.