• SmartPack ThruPower

    Click here for CE SmartPack ThruPower used in Europe and Asia.

    SmartPack family is growing to include a 12x10A wall mount model equipped with ThruPower to allow schools, churches, studios, and small theatres to have a smooth transition as they add LED into their traditional tungsten lighting system! SmartPack ThruPower offers a three-position switch for each branch circuit that brings choice of dimmed, relay or hot power output to your fingertips.


    Dimmed mode:

    In dimmed mode, the pack continues to provide the same quality fades and ease of use you have come to depend on.


    Hot Output Mode:

    Placing a circuit's mode switch to "ON" completely overrides all incoming control by locking on the air gap relay to bypass the dimmer and choke. This mode is great as a focus tool or for peace of mind preventing the board operator from not accidentally shutting off LED's and other equipment requiring constant power during a performance.


    Relay Mode:

    Relay mode utilizes the DMX address patched for the circuit to turn on and off the air gap relay. By default, the relay turns on at 1% of control and off at 0% of control. Just as with hot mode, this mode fully bypasses dimming and electronics.