• SmartSoft under Windows 8

    This page applies to SmartSoft under Windows 8 only

    When connecting a SmartFade or SmartFade ML to a PC running Windows 8, the operating system will block the installation of the drivers as Windows 8 now requires all drivers to be 'signed' by a Microsoft associate.

    To install the drivers manually:

    Move your mouse cursor to the upper right part on the screen then select:

    Settings ->Change PC Settings->General -> "Advanced Startup" -> Restart now.

    The system will restart and show the boot menu. This may take some minutes.

    After some time you will be prompted with a menu with following options:

    • Continue
    • Troubleshoot
    • Turn off

    Choose "Troubleshoot"

    The following menu appears:

    • Refresh your PC
    • Reset your PC
    • Advanced Options

    Choose "Advanced Options"

    The following menu appears:

    • System Restore
    • System Image Recovery
    • Automatic Repair
    • Command Prompt
    • Windows Startup settings

    Choose "Windows Startup Settings" then click "Restart"

    The computer will restart and the boot startup settings menu appears

    Select "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement" from the menu.

    Windows 8 will start and you can then install the SmartFade driver from Device Manager as follows:

    1. [Windows Key] & [X] to open Device Manager
    2. Locate the ETC SmartFade console in the list
      • It may show as "USB High Speed Pipe"
    3. Right-click on it and choose "Update Driver..."
    4. Browse for drivers and select the folder "Drivers" folder in the SmartSoft installation.
      • Default is  "C:\Program Files (x86)\ETC\SmartSoft\Drivers"
    5. Ensure "Include Subfolders" option is ticked
    6. You will get a warning that the driver isn't signed. Choose "Install Anyway"

    SmartSoft should now connect to your SmartFade or SmartFade ML console and function normally.