• Sensor Touring Racks and Packs Phase Layouts

    Below are the phase breakout diagrams for SP touring racks.

    These are for typical touring racks, there are a few exceptions where this phasing may not apply. But generally those are on racks ordered for a specific installation not part of touring inventory.


    * Single Slot Module: Refers to modules that take up a single slot in the rack (ex: D20, R20, CC20, D20AF, etc)

    Dual Slot Module: Refers to any module that takes up two slots in the rack (ex: D100AF and D50HR)

           Phase Layout for SP9620   Phase Layout for SP4820

    SP12 and SP6 racks can be configured to run in 3-Phase or Single Phase modes.  Please see the article, "Can I set up my Sensor rack to work in single phase?"  if you are not sure which mode your SP12 or SP6 is configured for.

          3‐Phase Layout for SP12   Single‐Phase Layout for SP12

         3‐Phase Layout for SP6   Single‐Phase Layout for SP6 (b)