• Sensor+ Connect with Internet Explorer 9 and above

    Users with Internet Explorer 9 and above will not be able to connect to CEM+ versions before 3.0.


    The difficulty is a component of the javascript code only recognizes internet explorer with major versions 5, & 6 (7 is also supported in version 2.2). When IE9 identifies itself with that number, the javascript code exits.

    The solution is to make internet explorer 9 pretend it is IE6 by emulating its user-agent string.

    Microsoft has incorporated Developer Tools into Internet Explorer 9 which can be set up to do just that by following the instructions below.

    Step 1: With the Internet Explorer window open, type [F12] to open the Internet Explorer 9 Developer Tools.

    Step 2: Left-click on Tools on the new window that appears (or new section at the bottom of the IE window)

    Step 3: Left-click on Change user agent string->Internet Explorer 6

    Step 4: Close the Developer Tools window or section

    Step 5: Left-click on the Refresh button at the top of the browser page or type [F5]

    To restore settings when work is completed: Follow steps 1-4 but choose Default in the drop-down

    Note that there are different solutions for Internet Explorer 7 (Sensor+ Connect with Internet Explorer 7) and Internet Explorer 8 (Sensor+ Connect with Internet Explorer 8).