• Power Adapters for the SmartFade Console

    This article is out of date. Please also see SmartFade and SmartFade ML Power Supplies

    The non-locking power adapter for the SmartFade and SmartFade ML was the PS366-F.  However, that part is no longer available.  If you need a replacement non-locking power adapter, please order PS354-F.  Note that while this unit has a lock on it, the tip is long enough to connect securely in the console.

    The locking power adapter for newer SmartFade and SmartFade ML continues to be the PS372.  That adapter also works with the Universal Fader Wing and Net3 Four Port Gateways.

    It is possible to use an off-the-shelf power adapter.  It should meet these specifications:

    800mA 12V AC/DC to 1.2A 12V AC/DC peak. 15V DC max. 12V AC max.
    Input is AC or DC capable. The unit will work directly from a step-down transformer with 9-12V AC output.

    It is possible to retrofit an older SmartFade or SmartFade ML console to use a locking power adapter.  That requires a new bottom tray.  There are kits available for each make of console.  Contact your ETC dealer or local technical support for more information.

    If you are in doubt about which adapter to purchase, please contact your ETC dealer or local technical support.