• Paradigm Touchscreen Calibration

    Determine the firmware version of your P-LCD or P-TS7 touchscreen:

    This process will require using a paperclip, pen, or other small utensil.

    1. Tap the Mode button (see green rectangle in image below) on the bottom edge of the screen to go to the Setup menu. On a wall-mount touchscreen this is accessible after removing the screen from the wall. Portable wired touchscreens have a door below the display that hinges toward you to reveal the buttons and LEDs. The wireless handheld P-LCD has a plastic door that opens at the top (thinner edge, opposite the power button), after which you tilt the antenna up to access the button.

    Paradigm Touchscreen Calibration

    2. Press the {About} button in the top left corner if not already selected

    3. There are separate instructions below, depending on which hardware model and which firmware version it’s running. The model type is on a sticker found on the back of the touchscreen.

    Calibrate P-LCD & P-TS7 touchscreens in firmware versions 2.1.3 and lower:

    This process will require using a paperclip, pen, or other small utensil.

    1. Press and hold the recessed Mode button (see green rectangle in image below) on the bottom edge of the screen for 5 seconds.

    2. A white screen with a + symbol will show up in the top left corner. Tap it with your finger or stylus, and repeat for the other four that subsequently pop up after each press.

    3. After the fifth + use your finger to draw on the screen and verify the calibration is correct.

    4. Press {Clear} to clear the drawings you make on the screen, {Recalibrate} to start the process over if it still is not correct, or {Close} to return to your configuration, or the Setup menu.

    Calibrate P-TS7 in firmware versions 3.0.0 and newer:

    In Paradigm 3.0.0 we introduced gestures to P-TS7 hardware, which requires a thin band of pixels on the outside edge of the screen to detect those movements. The way of calibrating touchscreens in software versions lower than 3.0.0 has enough variability that the calibration may cause that thin band of pixels to be missing from the screen.

    To properly calibrate in 3.0.0, follow the steps in the previous instructions, and then follow the instructions below:

    1.Tap the Mode button to go to the Setup menu.

    2.Press {Screen} screen button and then press {Calibrate Touchscreen} in the bottom left of the screen. You’ll see a screen much like the previous instructions, however there is no + symbols to touch.

    3. Press {Default} to use the calibration ETC has programmed at the factory, and then {Accept} to return to the Setup menu.

    4. Press {OK} in the bottom right to return to normal operation of the screen.

    Calibrate P-TS18 in all software versions:

    A USB mouse may be required to click through menus if the calibration is too far off to push buttons and select menu options. If the P-TS18 is already in the Paradigm shell screen, skip to step 3.

    1. From your screen’s configuration, press and hold for 2-3 seconds (or right-click using a mouse) on a blank portion of the screen to bring up a context menu.

    2. Tap/click {Quit} to take you to the Paradigm shell screen.

    3. Press/click {Touch Calibration}, and then the {Tools} tab on the eGalaxTouch: USB Controller window.

    4. Press/click {Clear and Calibrate} to clear existing parameters and you’ll end up on a blank white screen with a red target in the bottom left corner.

    5. Press and hold on the red target. A blue percentage counter will count up, and you’ll hear an audible beep before a new target pops up. Repeat 3 more times for a total of 4 targets.

    6. Press {OK} to continue, and {OK} ok the eGalaxTouch: USB Controller screen to return to the Paradigm shell.

    7. Press the {General} tab, and then {Launch Virtual Touchscreen} to select your Paradigm Server, and finally your touchscreen configuration to return to normal operation.