• Obsession II Convert SPS into a DPS


    Can you upgrade an existing Obsession II Single Processor System to a Dual Processing System by buying another processor? If so, are there any upgrades or changes that must be done to do this?


    Tracking systems require both processors to have identical channel counts, CPU speeds, HD speeds, software versions, and memory sizes. To make a new processor compatible with an old one, you must buy a matching pre-loaded hard drive for the older unit, upgrade the memory on the older unit, and upgrade software on the older unit. We did a buy-out of the mother boards and the Pentium CPU's, so that is not a concern.

    You must also change some hardware settings on both processors. To do this, boot each of the processors one at a time with the console connected. In the Setup Menu, under Hardware Setup, change the settings to these:

    Primary Processor (Also called Top Processor or Master):

    ETCNet Enabled
    Redundant TrackingEnabled
    Tracking UnitPrimary Unit
    DMX out from BackupOn

    Secondary Processor (Also called Bottom Processor or Slave):

    Redundant TrackingEnabled
    Tracking UnitSecondary Unit
    DMX out from BackupOn

    You can then power everything off and then boot the two processors together. They should now sync up properly as a Full Tracking Backup System.