• No Airflow Errors in Sensor Dimming Racks 

    Error Message

    Airflow Problems or No Airflow


    The Sensor rack is not receiving enough airflow through the rack .  Check to make sure the fan is spinning and air is blowing from the top of the rack.  Also, open the rack door, take out the filters, and make sure that the filters are clean.  If the filters are dirty, they can be blown out or washed.  Be sure to dry the filters before installing. All holes and conduits must be sealed.  This includes holes made for interrack connections for bussed rack systems.  Great stuff and fiche paper work well to seal the rack.  Verify that the load wiring at the back of the right is neatly dressed, wire tied, and pushed all the way to the back of the rack.  Check to make sure that there are no major air currents that are blowing across or at the front of the rack.  This creates a vacuum at the entry point of the rack.  Once each of these possible causes have been verified to be OK, a new airflow sensor may need to be placed in the CEM.