• Losing LTP Link running cues out of order

    All Expression family consoles display the cues with "new" and "old" levels in blind mode. "New" is defined to be a change from the level in the previous cue, and "old" is defined to be the same level as the previous cue. New levels are displayed in green and blue, old levels in purple or, in the case of an old zero, blank.

    When a cue is launched on a fader, if the cues are run in order, you only need to launch the new levels, since the old levels are already on stage from the previous cue. However, if a cue is run out of order, the loader has to load ALL the channels to get the proper new and old levels on stage.

    This works perfectly well with our original HTP/pile-on system. If you loaded all the channels on one fader, the other fader was unaffected. For example, if the A/B fader has channnels 1-5 at full, and the C/D fader reloads channels 1-5 at zero, the channels are in two faders at once, and the higher ones take precedence so the stage still has the channels at full.

    However, if there are LTP channels, though, this no longer works. Since LTP channels can only be in one fader, i.e. the last that used them, running cues out of order will grab all the channels, and the other fader will lose all its channels.