• L86 2.4k Dimmer Module Circuit Breaker Upgrade

    In 1998, ETC was unable to find a source for the old circuit breakers (ETC P/N CB123) used in L86 2.4K dimmer modules.  In order to continue manufacturing and service of the modules, ETC redesigned the front panel of the dimmer modules using the same breakers as Sensor D20 modules (ETC P/N CB166).  These new breakers are not a drop in replacement and require new sheet metal and wire harness, so upgrade kit part numbers were created.

    Which Do I Have?

    You can tell if the module in question has the old or new style circuit breakers by checking if the breakers are "top-and-bottom" (old) or "side by side" (new).  In addition, the new style circuit breakers have blue handles.

    If an L86 2.4K module needs replacement circuit breakers (even if only one is bad), the module needs to be upgraded to accept the new style breakers. 

    Upgrade Part Numbers:
    for the upgrade it is best if the module come into the factory for repair.

    2K:  1086K1003 - BREAKER KIT, L86 2400 CB166
    2KI:  1086k1004 - BREAKER KIT, L86 2400I CB166