• Installing NCE on an Eos Family Console

    Network Configuration Editor (NCE) does not ship installed on an Eos Family console, but can be installed at any time. NCE is a useful tool used to configure Net2 DMX nodes, Net2 Video nodes, Net3 Gateways running in Net2 mode, and Net3 1 port gateways.

    To install NCE on an Eos Family console:

    1. Download the latest version of NCE from the ETC website: Software Updates.  As of June 24, 2010, the current version of the installer is 4.3.1.
    2. Extract the .zip file, and transfer the NCE installer file to a flash drive. It will be a *.exe file.
      NOTE: The *.exe file must not be in any folders on the flash drive or the console will not recognize it.
    3. On the console, exit to the shell.
      • On Eos and Ion, press [Displays] and then Exit Eos (or Exit Ion).
      • On Element, press [Browser] and then Exit Element.
      • On all consoles running newer versions of software (1.9.8 and higher), select Exit from the Browser.
    4. Press {Settings}, and go to the {General} tab.
    5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click {Software Update}.
    6. A dialog box will open with any available installer files.  Select the NCE installer and press {OK}.
    7. The NCE installer with run.  When prompted, select Typical Installation.
    8. Once installed, NCE may be launched from the Shell under {Settings} -> {Maintenance}.  It will display as a button beneath Gateway Configuration Editor.