• MSC X Second Generation Channel Count Upgrade Procedure

    Described below is the process to install a channel count upgrade on an MSC X second generation controller.

    Tools Required

    • 2mm Hex Driver
    • Snips
    • Upgrade Kit


    1. Power off and remove all connections from the rear of the MSC X
    2. Remove the 12 X M3 X 8 counter sunk screws from the lid of the MSC X

      MSC X
    3. Remove the lid and set aside
    4. Locate the existing LPC X dongle located underneath the CAT5 Ethernet cable to the right of the processor board

      MSC X
    5. Cut the cable tie and remove the dongle
    6. Put the replacement dongle in place and use the provided cable tie to secure to the CAT5 cable above

      MSC X
    7. Remove the tail from the cable tie
    8. Replace the lid and tighten all screws
    9. Boot the MSC X and ensure that the channel count dongle is recognized
    10. Return the unused dongle to ETC

      Electronic Theatre Controls
      3031 Pleasant View Road
      Middleton, WI 53562