• Idea Console Specs

    • Features:
    • 12, 24, 36, or 48 control channels and channel sliders
    • Two manual faders that control programmed channel sliders
    • All Channel sliders can be programmed as submasters or channel controls
    • Channel buttons can be used as solo or bump buttons
    • Proportional patch accommodates up to 512 dimmers
    • 120 cue capacity per show
    • Four function keys control various operations
    • Internal disk drive allows you to store up to two shows per 3.5-inch disk
    • One independent, timed fader pair for playback of recorded cues
    • 48 effects, each with up to 48 steps
    • Support for the following optional accessories:
      • Video monitor
      • Remote Focus/Remote Go unit
      • Serial Printer

     Idea Console Instructional Video