How to Upgrade Channel/Output Count

    Congo Consoles


    This process is to be used to upgrade console output count, NOT to update console software.   Console software can be found on our website:

     To obtain an upgrade code for your console, please contact an ETC Dealer and have the dongle number of your console ready.  See step 1 below for instructions on finding your dongle number.

    Connect a USB keyboard and a USB mouse to the console.  This is required to enter the upgrade code.

    • 1. Check your current channel count by navigating to Browser>About>About Congo.

             Full About Menu About Congo Menu Tree About Congo Window

    • 2. Next, choose Exit to System Settings from Browser>Files.

            Exit to System Settings

    • 3. Choose the Update tab from the System Settings Menu.

          Update Tab

    • 4. Enter your upgrade code in the space provided. Please note that the "TT" and "CONGO" portions do not need to be entered.

        Entering Upgrade Code


    Each segment will pop up a keyboard image.  You can enter the text on the screen with a mouse, or using a USB keyboard.  Press enter when segment is added.  Then select and begin adding the next segment.

        Upgrade Code


    • 5. When full code is entered, select {Upgrade}. 
      Click Upgrade

    • 6. Choose {OK}

      Choose OK


    • 7 Choose {OK} to close System Settings. Then choose {Start Server} to launch Congo.

    • 8. Verify you channel output by navigating to Browser>About>About Congo.

      About Congo