• How to Save Config File From a Paradigm Architectural Control Processor (P-ACP)

    Why Save the Config File?

    The primary reason for saving a copy of your configuration file from the Paradigm Architectural Control Processor (P-ACP) is to simply have a backup in the unfortunate event your P-ACP has an issue which requires replacement or a loaner as part of the repair processor. Additionally if you have questions about your system, emailing your config file to ETC Technical Support will help them get you an answer more quickly.

    Saving the Config File

    To save the config file from a P-ACP you will need either a USB thumb drive, or a SD card (2GB or less). Both media types need to be formatted as FAT32.

    1. Insert the media into the front of the PACP
    2. Press the check mark to go to the Main Menu
    3. Scroll to File Operations and press the check mark
    4. Scroll to Save Arch Config and press the check mark
    5. Choose the Save to… for the correct media and press the check mark. This will place a file named “Paradigm_cfg1.pcf” onto your media.
    6. After the DO NOT REMOVE MEDIA message goes away, press the < button several times until you’re at the main screen of your PACP.
    7. Remove the media and insert into your computer to copy the file to safe place, or attach it to an email for sending.

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