• How to determine what version of Architectural Software is in the Unison Processor

    For a CME, CMEi or CMEd:

        1) Press and hold the hidden "Unison Menu" button just above the Unison symbol in the lower left corner
            of the processor screen, Until the "Menu Stat" appears.

                  Unison Menu

        2) Press the down arrow until the screen displays "ARCH" and press [Enter].
    The processor will now display the Architectural Software version after the word ARCH

    Please make certain that your Light Manger software version matches that of your processor.  If it does not, stop and call ETC Tech Services.

    Things to note:
    1.4 thru 1.5 are for Non CE Procesors.
    1.55 and above are for CE processors only.


    • If you load a configuration from a different software version you can corrupt the configuration in the processor.
    • If you take a configuration from an older version and open and save in newer version, you will have converted that configuration up to the new version. If you then load it into the original processor with the older code version, you will corrupt the configurations.