• How Many Mosaic Units Will Fit in the Standard ETC Installation Kit?

    The installation kit will hold 3 with the power supply still in there.  If you remove the power supply and run them off of POE then it will hold 4 and it is fairly snug but doable.  Currently there is no rack mount kit but we stock blanks (2U) and a tray that will bolt together and with some din rail you are good to go.  No fancy sticker on the front though (neither does the wall mount one).  Basically anywhere you can mount din rail you can mount one or more of these.  Keep in mind that if you need any expansion modules the less will fit into the installation kit.  An expansion module is just about half the length of a Mosaic and so fitting a Mosaic and 2 expansion modules on one row of din rail in a 14" box will work but then you only have room for one more Mosaic with the power supply.  You will still have room for another expansion module.  Basically a Mosaic is 5.65" long, and expansion module is 2.82" long, and the power supply is 2.05" long.  You have about 13" of usable din rail in each of two rows in the installation kit. That means you have room for 2 Mosaics per row, or a Mosaic with 2 expansion modules, or a Mosaic with an expansion module and a power supply per row maximum.  The power supply is provided in the installation kit but if you have POE then it is not needed.  If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Mosaic installation kit is part number 7180A1304 and contains:
    1- 14"x14" Steel Enclosure with black, powder-coat paint
    1- Hinged Steel Cover with black, powder-coat paint 
    2- DIN rail mounting strips, 20 units wide