• Eos Family and Printing to PDF

    Starting with v1.3.1, Eos Family consoles support printing to an Acrobat PDF file rather than to a directly attached printer. That allows the end-user to email the file or bring it to any computer with the Adobe Acrobat Reader (or comparable PDF display software) to open and print. 

    To access this feature:

    • Use the [Displays] button to open the Browser. 
    • Arrow down to {Print} and press the right arrow. 
    • Select {Print to File} and hit the right arrow. 
    • Choose the flash drive from the list and hit [Select].
      Note: It is also possible to save it to the local hard drive by choosing {Show File Archive}, but to view the file it would need to be copied to a USB later via the File Manager utility, found in the welcome screen/shell.
    • The console will bring up a selection screen for information to be included in the generated PDF. Press {Ok} once you have selected the needed options.
    • The console will prompt you to enter the name for the PDF file. Enter the name and press [Enter]
    • The PDF will save to the destination -- in this case, the connected USB drive.