• Enabling “Discover All” Mode in EchoAccess

    The EchoAccess Mobile App is used in conjunction with the EchoAccess Interface to control and configure many Unison Echo® products conveniently from your Smartphone. The EchoAccess Interface and the EchoAccess Mobile App communicate using Bluetooth Smart (also called Bluetooth Low Energy, or Bluetooth LE) version 4.0 or greater.

    Because of the popular nature of Bluetooth Smart devices ETC has designed the EchoAccess Mobile App to only discover ETC’s EchoAccess Interface stations. In the event of an EchoAccess Interface not being discoverable, the ability to remove this discovery mask is available. To disable this mask and enter “Discover All Mode”:

    • Open the EchoAccess Mobile App and select the Menu in the Top Right Corner of the Connection Screen.
    • Select “About EchoAccess”. This will show the Mobile App version in the center of the screen.
    • Tap the version number 7 times.
    • “Discover All Mode Enabled” will appear below the version number.
    • You can now use the menu in the Top Right Corner to return to the Connection Screen

    Once the app has been placed in Discover All Mode all Bluetooth LE devices in range of the mobile device will be discovered. After connecting to your EchoAccess Interface in “Discover All” mode, you can disable “Discover All” mode using the same method above. Your EchoAccess Interface should populate in the Connection screen for future connections.