• Emphasis 1.8 Key Cap Replacement Kit 

    Key Cap Kit Replacement, ETC Part #4231A2007

    This setup guide provides instructions for installing new key cap labels or key caps on your Emphasis Facepanel.

    In Emphasis v1.8.0, the [Dimmer] hardkey is replaced with a new [Fixture] label or key cap.  Commands related to dimmers and dimmer checks now all appear on the same page of softkeys.  The [Track Sheet] hardkey on Expression and Insight facepanels is replaced with a [Spread Sheet] label; pressing [Spread Sheet] once gets you into the cue spreadsheet display.

    To replace the labels on Expression/Insight facepanels:

    Step 1:   Clean the surface of the existing label with a cotton swab dipped in some rubbing alcohol.  Allow the surface to dry completely.

    Step 2:  Remove the paper backing from the new label and align it on the key cap.  Press the label into place.  Alternatively, if your facepanel is used both with Emphasis and as a stand-alone (v3.1) console, you can place the new label above or to the side of the existing key.

    To replace key caps on Express facepanels:

    Step 1:  Using a small, flat-bladed screwdriver, gently pry the key cap off the button at the right side of the key cap.

    Step 2:  Use the screwdriver on the left side of the key cap to gently loosen and remove it from the facepanel.

    Step 3:  Check that the LED is not bent to one side.  Gently straighten the LED if it has become bent.

    Step 4:  Align the replacement cap with the button and press down gently to set the key cap fully.

    For diagrams and a copy of this information, refer to attachment.

    Emphasis v.1.8.0 Key Cap Replacement