• Emphasis: Setting or Changing System Manager Password

    Setting Password for System Manager

    • Login as System Manager

    • Go to Start Button

    • Select All Programs

    • Select User Accounts

    • Click Create a Password

    • Type in password in appropriate spaces

    • Type hint. This hint will appear when you press the question mark by the login.

    • Click Create Password

    This password will be required the next time you login as system manager.

    Removing System Manager Password: If known

    • Log in as system manager with password

    • Go to Start

    • Select All Programs

    • Select User Accounts

    • Click Remove my password

    • Type password in the box

    • Click Remove Password

    If you don't know what the password is, a technician can remove it using the Technical Service log in.
    Alternately, you need to reload the disk image in order to remove the password.