• Echo Room Controller Timeclock Not Functioning

    The Unison Echo® Room Controller can be ordered with or without the Echo Astronomical Timeclock built into the front cover. If included, the Echo Timeclock will be pre-wired to the station power supply header on the Echo Room Controller, providing it with both EchoConnect and Auxiliary power.

    However, the Echo Room Controller normally ships with the station power switch in the off position. This switch is found on the Echo Room Controller just behind the “AV Input” terminal. This switch controls the EchoConnect voltage, but the Auxiliary voltage is still live when this switch is off.

    If the Echo Timeclock is powered on but is not responsive to commands or doesn’t seem to boot up fully, check the station power switch and verify that it is on.

    If you have any further questions, or if this does not resolve the issue, please contact ETC Technical Services.