• Controller Replacement 

    Backplanes in Sensor3 racks contain memory which holds a duplicate of the configuration including all 64 presets if they are recorded. 

    Dipswitches on the backplane determine if the control module reads the configuration from the backplane or if the controller uses its locally stored configuration during replacement.  Factory setting of the backplane results in pulling the configuration from the backplane during replacement so there is no intervention required to retain previous state of the original module.

    If DBM (Disable Backplane Memory) switch position is changed from the factory state, the new controller will not attempt to pull the configuration from the backplane and will boot with whatever configuration has been setup directly in the module.

    In the event that the controller cannot read from the backplane upon boot, it will continue to boot and run on its locally stored configuration.  Secondary configurations can be stored on USB storage, over the network on a remote PC, or on an FTP server for backup purposes.  Configuration files are saved with a date code (0120130502 10:30:00 would be May 2nd, 2013, 10:30:00am, All files use 01) or with the Rack Name specified within the configuration. Once saved to a flash drive or computer, the file name can be renamed.