• ColorSource Relay Blink with Multiple Doug Fleenor Design Preset 10


    • In systems with both ColorSource Relays and DFD Preset 10 stations in which there are multiple Preset 10 stations we have seen ColorSource Relays blink on/off.
    • This only occurs in systems with multiple Preset 10 units. We do not see this occur in systems with just one Preset 10 device.

    Description/Explanation of Issue

    When Preset 10s are put into a multi-station configuration (one Master station and one or more Secondary stations) a packet is sent by the Preset-10 units to help them work together. CS Relays in v1.1.0 and earlier don’t understand this packet, and so will blink on/off when they see it.


    Installing a Demultiplexer or DMX Decelerator in the DMX line will clean these packets up, resulting in the ColorSource Relays functioning normally; otherwise, using Preset-10 in stand-alone mode will resolve.