• Assigning SmartSwitch Relays to Emergency State


    Whenever a SmartSwitch enters an emergency state, some relays will switch off.

    Description/Explanation of Issue

    SmartSwitch is provided with a UL 924 emergency contact input. When an active emergency contact is received, all non-emergency circuits in the SmartSwitch are forced to switch off while all user-selected emergency circuits in the panel are switched on. During an emergency state the LCD will display a message advising the “Emergency Input Is Active” and the menu will lock-out all ability to access the SmartSwitch menu. After normal power is restored, the SmartSwitch will restore to the configured DMX Loss Behavior mode.


    1. On the SmartSwitch User Interface, use + or - to scroll to Emergency, press √.
    2. Use + or – to scroll to [Assign Relay], press √. “Relay [##], In Emergency No” will display.
    3. Use + or - to scroll through the relay list. Press √ to select a relay.
    4. Use + or - to scroll through “In Emergency [Yes]” or “[No]”, press √.
    5. Press < to return to the previous menu or << to return to the main menu. √

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