• ARRI SmartPack Dimming 


    SmartPacks (Touring Version) and SmartRacks (Wallmount/Installation version) were a product of Arri Lighting Ltd (UK) which were for a while sold under the ETC label when ETC purchased Arri Lighting. They are a 230V 50Hz (CE, European) product only.

    There were several product variants, including 3kW and 5kW types.

    SmartRack 2


    User Interface

    The user interface consists of three red seven segment displays. The portable packs featured faders for manual override of control; the wall mount packs typically do not.

    The user interface 'locks' to prevent unauthorised access. To unlock press and hold the enter key for three seconds. To re-lock, press the enter key when the LED next to it is on but not flashing.

    Once unlocked you can set the DMX address using the up and down arrow keys.

    Spare Parts and Service

    Repair service is available for ARRI SmartPack PCB's via ETC Ltd in London. +44 (0)20 8896 1000 or

    We have now reached end of life on a number of components in the old style Arri/ETC SmartRacks and Smartpacks especially the 2.5 Kw power cubes. We can still do some repairs to processors but we are beginning to run low on many parts and further supplies are no longer easily available. Customers using these racks, especially those requesting repairs, should be informed that we will not be able to continue support for much longer and they may want to look at replacing their dimmers before they develop an irreparable fault. For information on ETC dimming systems please contact your Regional Sales Manager.

    PLEASE NOTE- This only affects the Smartpack range that we stopped producing in 1998 and not the current range of ETC Smartpacks.

    Commonly requested parts include :

    Part Description

    ETC Part Number

    Lithium battery


    2.5K Quad triac (power cube)


    5K Dual triac (power cube)