• All Tabs and Docks Closed

    It is possible to close all of the tabs and all of the docks in a Congo, leaving you with something like this:

    Congo No Tabs

    The Live and Main Playback tabs are normally locked from closing so one would need to manually unlock them for this to happen.

    However, if you do this, in some cases the facepanel buttons may no longer open their corresponding tabs, and obviously you can't quit because Exit is in the Browser!

    To reset the screens back to the Default Layout:
    (Browser & Effects docks, locked Main Playback & Live tabs)

    1. Hold [C/Alt] & press [Tab] twice in quick succession. ([C/Alt]+[Tab][Tab])

    In version 6.3.x and later, to open the Browser again:

    1. Right-click near the middle of the left-hand edge of the screen to open the Docks Context Menu:
      Congo Dock Content

    2. Choose "Browser" to open the Browser dock.
      • Once the Browser dock is open again, you can use it to Save/Load/Exit etc.
      • All the facepanel shortcuts to open tabs will now work.