• 'Media not Detected' Error Messages on Obsession 1 Consoles

    Error Message

    Media not detected/Not booting into OBSN software


    Dead CMOS Battery in console has caused the bios to lose its hard drive media settings.

    Workaround / Fix

    Obsession I CMOS Settings

    A keyboard and a monitor plugged into diagnostics port is required

    1. Boot console - You will be prompted to hit DEL to enter setup
    2. In the CMOS menu select auto detect HD
    3. Accept settings for C. - Don't accept settings for D.
    4. <ESC> to main menu
    5. Select Standard CMOS settings <Enter> <Enter>
    6. Set Time, Date, Year (Pg Up/Pg Dwn)
    7. Change floppy type to 1.44 (Pg Up/Pg Dwn)
    8. Change video type to EGA/PGA/VGA (Pg Up/Pg Dwn)
    9. <ESC> to main menu
    10. Select Advanced CMOS settings <Enter> <Enter>
    11. Change boot sequence to C:,A: (Pg Up/Pg Dwn)
    12. <ESC> to main menu
    13. Save CMOS Settings and exit - Yes you want to save settings and exit

    Console will now boot into OBSN. Contact a Service Center to coordinate a repair as this will need to be performed every time you reboot the console until the battery is replaced.