ArcSystem shrinks energy costs for Sadler’s Wells Theatre

  • The venue

    Sadler's Wells Theatre is synonymous with dance in the UK and its name is famous the world over. Home to award-winning and groundbreaking productions, Sadler's Wells stages a richly diverse range of national and international collaborations.

    The project

    In 2013, Sadler's Wells embarked on a comprehensive upgrade of its infrastructure and technology to improve both front-of-house and backstage environments in its 1,500-seat main auditorium. The venue required a comprehensive, low-energy, LED house lighting solution that could cater to virtually every functional and architectural demand of the venue. Also, because Sadler's Wells could not afford to be closed for an extended period of time, the solution needed to be quick and easy to install so that the extensive installation could be completed within a condensed timeframe.

    The solution

    Sadler’s Wells installed over 570 LED luminaires, using virtually every type of ArcSystem LED fixture available, including the Decor and Pro One-Cell, Decor MR16, and Pro Two- and Four-Cell luminaires. Both wired- and wireless-control options were utilized within the massive installation, making it the largest, most sophisticated GDS ArcSystem project to date.

    The ArcSystem’s capacity to evenly dim from 100% to zero proved a hit at this prestigious theater. Christian Wallace, technical manager at Sadler's Wells, says: “We were so impressed with the dimming capability and the available color temperatures that it was an easy call to make and one that has been very much vindicated by the finished project.” Additionally, from the moment it was commissioned, the ArcSystem began paying for itself – the venue’s energy savings are estimated at nearly 90 percent over the next five years. Wallace concludes: “The end results, both functionally and aesthetically, are superb and were achieved within the allocated timeframe to our great satisfaction."  

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  • Can LED lighting be dimmed perfectly?
    Can LED lighting be dimmed perfectly?

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