DMX/RDM Gateways (Net3)

  • DMX/RDM One-Port Gateway

    What are ACN, Net3 and RDM?

    ACN - Architecture for Control Networks is a standard for high-speed bidirectional communication over TCP/IP on Ethernet network infrastructure. ACN is a suite of protocols used between network devices for the purpose of greater and more adaptive control in lighting applications.

    DMX/RDM Two-Port Gateway

    Net3 - Net3 is ETC's network protocol that uses industry-defined ACN and streaming ACN protocols. Net3 allows Ethernet devices to seamlessly communicate together across the network.

    DMX/RDM Two-Port Gateway

    RDM - Remote Device Management is a protocol enhancement to DMX512 that allows bidirectional communication between a system controller and attached RDM-compliant devices over a standard DMX line. This allows configuration, status monitoring, and management of the connected RDM devices.