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    Source Four Green

    No, we're not talking about that green color media your lighting professor warned you about…

    We're talking about plenty of light from lower wattage lamps to do the job.

    ETC's Source Four has always been green. What do we mean?

    Source Four fixtures are more efficient.

    Efficiency is a rating of how many lamp lumens actually make it out of the front of the fixture as usable light.
    (Field Lumens/Lamp Lumens = Efficiency)

    Product Lamp Watts Lamp Lumens Field Lumens Efficiency
    ETC 15-30 Zoom at 23° HPL 575 16,520 10,805 .65
    Selecon 12-28 Zoom at 23° Blue Pinch 1000 27,000 7404 .27

    Source Four fixtures have more output per kilowatt hour consumed.

    Lumens per watt is a very important measurement in these days of growing regulation of lighting based on ecological concerns.

    Product Lamp Watts Field Lumens Lumens Per Watt
    ETC 15-30 Zoom at 23° HPL 575 10,805 18.8
    Selecon 12-28 Zoom at 23° Blue Pinch 1000 7404 7

    In 1992, we introduced the Source Four - a fixture that revolutionized the lighting world with its efficiency and efficacy. Today those numbers mean more than ever. Efficiency and efficacy mean great lighting with less impact on our world.

    At ETC, it's easy being green.