Source 4WRD Fixture

  • Source 4WRD incorporates an advanced thermal management system that was custom designed and built for ETC. As we were monitoring long-term life-cycle testing we began to notice that under certain conditions, some internal components may experience premature degradation. This degradation increases heat at the LED array and reduces the usable life of the product.

    This problem may not occur for a very long period of time, if ever, under normal use and there are no safety issues for Source 4WRD fixtures existing in the field. However we agree this is less than ideal so we are working diligently to fix the issue.

    Check back often as we update this site with information and status on the redesign and testing of the improved Source 4WRD! 

    If you have existing Source 4WRD product received prior to July 1, 2016, please register it here.

    Product shipped after July 1, 2016 includes updated hardware and has not shown the previously mentioned issues.

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