Decor MR16

Product Name
Product Name

The compact, high-output Decor MR16 LED luminaire is comparable to a 50-watt halogen lamp, but only consumes 10 watts. It's great for recessed or hanging installation in areas that require short- or medium-throw illumination. The Decor MR16 offers the same high-quality light and smooth dimming as the ArcLamp and ArcSystem luminaires. With multiple beam-angle options to choose from, an excellent quality of light (CRI over 90), and the ability to integrate with many third-party lighting products, it is the perfect energy-efficient replacement for traditional halogen and incandescent lamps.

ArcMesh wireless technology

In conjunction with the ArcMesh Driver, which is required for operation, the Decor MR16 lets you choose between traditional wired-DMX network connections and the wireless ArcMesh network. A single ArcMesh Driver and ArcMesh Transmitter help connect a maximum of two MR16s to the ArcMesh wireless network by turning wired DMX into wireless ArcMesh signals. With no extra wiring required, ArcMesh technology saves you time on both new installations and retrofits.