ArcMesh Transmitter

System Transmitter

Reliable ArcMesh wireless control for ArcSystem luminaires

The brains of every ArcSystem installation, the ArcMesh Transmitter provides ArcMesh wireless control for ArcSystem luminaires and preset panels by converting standard DMX signals into wireless ArcMesh control signals. Since each ArcSystem luminaire fitting is designed as a configurable transceiver, each luminaire has the ability to retransmit and receive the data from other fittings, making your wireless ArcSystem incredibly versatile.

The ArcMesh Transmitter can provide wireless, smooth dimming for up to 100 ArcSystem luminaires. The ArcMesh Transmitter also allows for group setup and recall, fade times, and auto-recovery in the event of a power failure. It is available in wall-mount form and is well-suited for permanent installations.


Providing direct recall for eight preset scenes stored in the ArcMesh Transmitter, an optional Eight-Button Preset Panel utilizes the ArcMesh network to communicate with ArcSystem luminaires when a dedicated control system is not installed. The only required connection is mains power for each button panel to operate.